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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Woop is a 100% organic fertilizer, commonly known as  vermicompost. Woop has high nutrient value,
    enriched with microbes which make your soil healthy and nourishes your plants giving them a longer
    life. Nutrients in Woop lasts 6 times longer than ordinary soil nutrients thereby ensuring stronger
    absorption strength.

    Various international researchers have confirmed that the combination of ingredients used in Woop is
    the best source of fertilizer for plants and best food for the soil.

  • Ans: Woop provides 16 essential nutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, organic carbon &
    enzymes to plants thereby improving plant growth and also soil life. Visible benefits include better plant
    growth, bigger foliage/size, brighter colour and shine of plant. Woop also protects the plant from
    various fungal and other diseases, thereby providing 100% nutritional and health coverage.

  • Ans: The nutrients used in Woop lasts 6 times (6X) longer than ordinary manure.
    Woop is 100% organic. Both the product and packaging are 100% bio-degradable. This ensures zero
    harm plant growth and zero wastage to environment. Moreover, Woop comes from National Award
    Winning Manufacturing Technology with proven track record. It is currently used by more than 50,000+
    customers across the country.

  • Customers have found amazing results

  • Ans: You can buy it directly from Amazon (Free delivery). We are adding other channel partners,
    the details of which will be available soon.

  • Ans: The quantity of Woop to be fed into the plants is defined clearly at the back side of the pack. For premium results you should feed Woop to the soil for plants, once every month (Remember, your plant is a living being and needs healthy food!)

  • Ans: Woop is currently introduced with 1 kg 100% bio-degradable packaging. We will be launching 5 kg pack soon, which will also be 100% bio-degradable. If you need bigger pack, then please write to us [email protected] .

  • Ans: Woop pack has an innovative Bio-degradable pouch with double protection.  You can simply close the pouch with the remaining Woop and put it back in the Woop box. Woop has a zero waste generation policy with “Let us go green, let us go clean” objective. Woop pack has been designed with a lot of R&D and its capable of giving customers most convenient storage solution.

  • Ans: Woop team has done an intelligent and innovative packaging with a reason. This packaging ensures optimum level of moisture being maintained. In case of organic products, the beneficial enzymes grow the time and the quality enhances only if the moisture is retained. In Woop, we have done that for you!

  • Ans: Woop is best used before 1 year from date of manufacture.

  • Ans: Woop is 100% safe and free from all kinds of harmful elements.

  • Ans: Yes, Woop can be fed to all type of plants. The basic ingredient in Woop is earthworms castings.

  • Ans: There is a scoop inside the Woop box which has a measuring signs. You can use it as a measuring lid. It can be incorporated in two ways.

    1. Simply pour Woop over the naked soil as a layer and provide light irrigation. It will get absorbed automatically in few minutes.
    2. Mix Woop nicely in soil up to 2-4 inches and then provide light irrigation. We recommend this
      method for better and quick results.
  • Ans: Woop is sufficient food for plants. Make sure you feed Woop at least once a month for a healthy and happy living!

  • Ans: Not really. With one feast of Woop, you can leave the plant for at least 1 month till the time you feed again. The effective cost is quite competitive.

  • Regular and light irrigation is the key for best results. Provide water in less quantity to the plants. Never fill them with water. On the other hand, avoid drought conditions as well. The key is that soil should remain moist (Neither too dry nor too wet)

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