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Plant Stories

Begin your journey : A House to Home, Home Garden to Organic Gardening

Something is missing

Don’t you feel there is something missing in your empty balcony, barren backyard, untouched terrace?

Peace, health, freshness

How about growing a plant, imagine the calmness and freshness in the urban jungle. What if instead of crying over increasing pollution, you are arming against it?

3 simple steps, that is it

Buy the pot, get the seed and soil and buy compost that suits you.
All the nature lovers will get organic compost. Mix soil and compost, sow the seed and the journey begins.

One fine day, it is there

The happiness agent, a small sapling starts to grow making everything around peaceful and positive.

It also needs water and food

Water when it needs and compost in every 15 days to let the baby plant grow into one happier, blooming and bigger plant.

Enjoy the Beauty

Experience the close bond with mother earth. The joy of growing in nature and pride of taking care of nature.

Woop brings you closer to Nature and Healthy Living

Because what we feed to earth is what we get in return!!

Save Soil Save Water

Woop acts as soil nourisher, increasing its capacity to hold water and nutrients. Woop-Soil provides a healthy environment to nature for growth

No Chemicals

Woop is 100% organic. Woop contains earthworms castings of 100% organic ingredients. Woop is 100% safe and free from all kinds of harmful elements.

Happy Growth Ecosystem

Woop enhances soils efficiency to hold organic nutrients 6x times more. Contains enzymes helping plant immune from pests, weeds and harmful fungus

Zero Waste Generation

Woop produces zero waste in the environment. Woop comes in 100% Bio-degradable packing. Even the ink used on packing is bio-degradable.

Ready for Greener, Happier and Positive ecosystem around you?

Walk Towards a Healthy Living

Let’s grow some healthy veggies, fruits, and plants in our backyard.
Grow some Potatoes 1920 1080 Woop Organic Vermicompost

Grow some Potatoes

Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes, potato tubers that have sprouting buds on them. Let’s grow potato step by step Step1: Prep Potato for Plantation Take a large potato with sprouting buds. 1 week before planting the potatoes place the seed potato (one with potato buds) in a warm spot. When the sprouts grow by…

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