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Woop vermicompost nourishes the soil with macro and micro-nutrients that stays with the soil 6 times longer*. It is excellent, nutrient-rich organic manure and a soil conditioner. Simply add this bio-organic fertilizer to your plant pots or garden, it is what your plants want and your soil needs.

I Boost the green environment
I Enhance the life of Soil
I am 100% Organic
I am Biodegradable
I Contain 0% chemicals

The purpose of Woop is to provide complete nutrition to soil by feeding 100% organic ingredients.

We all have experienced the momentary joy of using chemicals fertilizers boosting plant growth. And we have also experienced the gastronomical aftermath that happens with plants with these short-lived joys. On the other hand, Woop ensures enough nutrition and moisture in the plant is maintained at all times and also safeguards the soil from harmful insects. Woop implies buoyancy, a feeling of happiness. Woop Implies the joy and the harmony of nature coming together. In its totality,

Woop implies care towards mother nature.

What’s inside Woop?

for Happier, Brighter, Bigger plants and greater soil life

Think deeper and you will also realize, soil health directly impacts the human health.
Because what we feed to earth is what we get in return!!

Sitting in a balcony on a pleasant day Watching the kids play in a beautiful garden, seeing their happy faces.

Three musketeers realised how mother nature plays an integral part in spreading happiness in our lives – we say three musketeers for a reason that goes far and beyond
To ensure these beautiful gardens be maintained as is for life
To ensure the purity and innocence of nature enlighten and brighten the environment as is for life
The three musketeers joined hands to develop an innovative product

And thus began the journey of Woop

A journey when air was clean
A journey when plants were green
A journey when children used to play in beautiful gardens
A journey when people had time for their plants
A journey when greenery and happiness was all around us
A journey where mother nature feel loved…

To bring back those memories of happiness and moments of joy

Understanding that Healthy Soil produces Healthy Plants…

Rounds of transformational research by agronomists and nature enthusiasts – An exciting product with Innovative features –  Woop became a reality..
Woop — A truly organic fertilizer would go deep into the roots of not just plants, but deeper into the roots of people, when they realise the real unsummable value the plants add in their lives

So go on and make new memories. We are here for you.

Let us come together for a tradition to preserve nature to inspire and be inspired

Ensure Green and bright future for our children – With Woop

The innovative team behind Woop has developed a break-through technology that converts farm and organic waste into 100% Premium Quality Organic Fertilizer.

Most fertilizers act as steroids for your plants and in return, deplete prime nutrients from the soil. While Woop understands ‘Healthy Soil Produces Healthy Plants, our organic fertilizer nourishes the soil with macro and micro-nutrients that stays with the soil 6 times longer*. It is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and a soil conditioner. Simply put, It is what your plants want and your soil needs.

Use Woop and gift your plants… a life!

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